An Example of One That Didn’t Make the Cut

Last year I went out with Ray a few times.  He was nice enough, but extremely nerdy and had major temper issues.  He lost his cat temporarily one night and basically said he should end his life if the cat wasn’t found.  I decided then that he was not for me.

But, we remained friends.  On Facebook.  And here’s an exchange that happened yesterday.  This will demonstrate WHY he didn’t make the cut.  I deleted names and pictures to protect the identity of my friends, as well as Ray, whose identity I’d just as soon forget.







Plenty of Freaks (a.k.a. “Windsurfer can SUCK IT”)

I joined Plenty of Fish and I think it should instead be called “Plenty of Freaks.”  I’ve so far talked to some really nice people and will be having first meetings with three of them this week!  Sadly, though, there are a few real pinheads on there.  Here’s a sample of what I’ve encountered.

This guy wrote to me and kept talking about how little he drinks and how much money he has and made out like he was really interested in me.  I wrote him back and said thanks, but “unfortunately I don’t think we are compatible.  Good luck with your search.”

He writes back and says something like, “I rarely date people like you anyway because it’s hard to carry on a conversation… ” and then proceeds to talk more about how much money he has in his pocket.  Like I give a shit???

My response, just before blocking him, was “It’s your attitude that’s unattractive.  Get over yourself!”  (Note:  the screen name has been changed to protect this fool!)