An Example of One That Didn’t Make the Cut

Last year I went out with Ray a few times.  He was nice enough, but extremely nerdy and had major temper issues.  He lost his cat temporarily one night and basically said he should end his life if the cat wasn’t found.  I decided then that he was not for me.

But, we remained friends.  On Facebook.  And here’s an exchange that happened yesterday.  This will demonstrate WHY he didn’t make the cut.  I deleted names and pictures to protect the identity of my friends, as well as Ray, whose identity I’d just as soon forget.







Date #2 with the Engineer

optimism_quote_2Well, it looks like the second meet-and-greet from last Tuesday was a charm.

The handsome and dashing “Ray” and I made our second date for last Saturday, but get this…Wednesday he said he couldn’t wait any longer to see me, and he wanted to get together asap.  So, we met for dinner and drinks and got along splendidly.  I was pleased to find that the sense of humor was still there and just as sharp as it was on our first date.  The time flew by and before we realized it, it was time to end the evening.  Engineers may be kind of nerdy by reputation but let’s just say this one has some pucker power when it comes to a good night kiss!

Date three was Saturday.  I made him dinner.  As he put it, “You must really like me if you fed me.”  And yes, I do like him.  What’s so very cool about this situation is that he seems to really like me.  He frequently tells me how pretty he thinks I am and how sexy it is that I’m smart and independent (you know…”HPP”).  Could it be that I have found a man who appreciates me the way I am?  It seems possible.

I mentioned to him that my dogs sleep with me.  I have decided that is a true test of compatibility–the willingness to let your pets in the bed with you.  That dude I almost married had a problem with that and I should have known that was a bad sign.  I told him about it more or less to gauge his reaction and he said, without hesitation, “Of course…my cats sleep with me.  That’s their place, next to me.”

(Admittedly if this works out I don’t know how in the hell we’d ever get two dogs and two cats to all coexist on the same bed, but I’ll worry about that part later… the point is he passed that test!)

I think this one shows some promise.  I am cautiously optimistic and still very guarded and reserved…it’s just my method of self-preservation.  We’ll see what happens.