Killin’ Time (Part 4)

It was only in the last year or so that I really got into mermaids.  I have always loved the ocean, and for years I collected dolphin figurines and sculptures.  That was my passion for the longest time, until I realized I had collected just about every dolphin trinket made in China and my curio cabinet was smack full of dust catchers.

In the last few years I have become great friends with a gal named Lindsey.  We met through the jewelry business I used to own, and we have remained friends since.  We both love the beach and water so much that we call each other “Salty Sis(ter).”  She loves mermaids and I kind of picked up on that, I suppose.

Anyway, here is a painting I just did of another mermaid.

2016-02-24 13.47.27

A friend requested a mermaid painting for one of the bedrooms in one of her beach houses.  I drew this one freehand and it’s an original design.   Her earrings are three-dimensional pearls, and the scales on her tail are painted with several colors of iridescent paint for a shimmery effect.

Life’s a Beach

beach3I have loved the beach ever since I can remember.  My parents would get a chance once a year to take us somewhere on vacation, and living in Georgia that meant the ultimate destination was almost always Florida.  The salt air, the waves crashing, playing with my parents, collecting seashells, and going to the amusement park are all fond memories I have of those trips.

I still love the beach.  I managed to find a job just 90 minutes from the ocean and I don’t think you’ll ever convince me to leave this place unless you can find a job for me that’s even closer to the ocean.  I love knowing that I can have my toes in the water and my ass in the sand in less than two hours!beach2

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to beach and ocean crafts.  In addition to loving the beach I also love to make things with my hands.  I have amassed a gigantic assortment of sea shells and I am always looking for things to make with them.  My pinterest board gives me inspiration when my creative juices just aren’t flowing.  Click here to see it.

Most of my shells I bought, because it’s hard to find a really good eclectic assortment of them on local beaches.  If you buy wholesale you can get some really great assortments for next to nothing.  I have more shells than I’ll ever use I suspect, but I enjoy having them just the same.  I find the cheapest place to get them is U.S. Shell, although they do have a $100 minimum purchase.  Another good place is Save On Crafts.

I’ve included here a couple of pictures from the Pinterest board.  I hope they inspire you to do something fun with shells that you’ve collected and have on hand.  Until next time, have a magical day!