It Happened. It Really Happened.

It has been six months since I posted anything on this blog.  The reason?  I have been busy having an actual real relationship!  I was scared to write about it, for fear I would jinx things.  But, it looks like things are going to continue for the future, so I think it’s safe to share this with you.

I met Handyman over a friendly beer last summer.  Then we didn’t see each other until November, when we got together again for another beer.  Things started progressing in December and from New Year’s Eve until today we have been inseparable.  It has gone so well that he moved in with me.  I never thought I could live with someone else, but apparently I happily can!

All my friends like him.  My son likes him.  My dogs LOVE him.  He met my family and didn’t run away screaming.  He treats me like a princess and that’s what every girl wants.

About the only difference we have is politics.  He’s conservative, I’m liberal.  But, we just try not to talk about it too much and it works just fine like that.  When we do discuss it we are calm and respectful of each other’s opinions.

I first met Handyman on, so I give that venue credit for creating a good match.  Internet dating worked!   So for those of you out there who have been in the spot of feeling hopeless when it comes to dating in your late–very late–forties, I am living proof that things can work out for you!  Don’t give up!

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