Not One Little Bit

quote-oh-i-do-not-like-it-not-one-little-bit-dr-seuss-310198Something really funny happened last night I just had to tell you about.

I got tired of the ex-almost-husband contacting me, as I told you.  So I posted this about him.  I know it was kind of drastic, but dammit I am sick and tired of men lying on dating sites and this was one I caught red-handed, because he came to me!

This woman messaged me last night on Facebook and said something like, “I saw your blog post about Bobby, I went out with him twice this week and I am just sick to my stomach.  Please contact me.”  So I did.  We had a nice chat.  He had just told her his full name, so, like any smart woman, she googled his name.  And my blog popped up.

She was a very nice lady—a cautious woman with two children.  She was just sick that she had trusted him enough to give him her children’s first names, but, she had not yet had sex with him or even let him know where she lived. She thanked me for sharing what I knew.  She was especially shocked that he dated me for 18 months while dating another woman for 14 of those months.  I told her I was stupid to have taken him back and forgiven him after that.  That was my bad.  She said she understood.

I told her on I had not found one person who was sane and honest.  They were all losers and liars, and that I’d had much better luck over on   Every man I met there was who they said they were, and, good men to boot.  I remain friends with two of the guys I dated from there (Chef Robbie and Fox News, sadly I had to kick Six Flags to the curb, as you’ll recall).  None of the people I met there left on bad terms.  She said she got more contacts on POF, and I said, “Yeah, but are any of them any good?”

We wished each other luck with finding a good man, and the conversation ended.

Anyway, it got me to thinking.  She could have gone to him and showed him my post to get his side of the story, but instead she blocked him on all channels (POF, Facebook, etc.).  And, if she found my blog post after three months, someone else will find it soon enough.  Eventually someone will tell him.  At some point I suspect he’ll be reading THIS one.

The fact is…everything I have said is the truth.  I’m not the one lying on POF, he is.  About having a college degree.  He doesn’t have one and never did.  To me, that’s a pretty big lie.  He’s also lying about not being a player, but that’s more of a matter of opinion I suppose.  Define “player?”

I would have never posted that if he hadn’t kept contacting me.  I asked him to leave me alone and he wouldn’t.  I paid an expensive attorney to tell him that, and he still wouldn’t listen to me.  So now, I have saved at least one woman from the heartache that I went through.  And I don’t feel bad about that.  As Dr. Seuss would say…”Not one little bit.”

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