The Baby Shower: Mistakes Plus Party Favors

Dark blue Jordan almonds from

Dark blue Jordan almonds from

The co-ed baby shower I hosted for a dear friend is now in my rear-view mirror and I’ve had time to reflect on what went wrong, what went right.  I’ve already posted about the food.  Now it’s time to post about what went wrong.

First, I spent an hour making up little cellophane bags of colored candied Jordan almonds, tied with curling ribbon, for my guests as party favors.  And then?

I forgot to put them out in the party area.

That’s right.  They were left sitting in my guest room (which, unoccupied, is my party staging area).  I didn’t remember them until all the guests had left.

Second, I underestimated just how long it would take to do everything.  Even though I hustled all day the day before the shower, and, the day of, I still came down to the wire, jumping in the shower at 3:05 with the guests of honor arriving at 3:30.  Thank goodness I can throw on clothes and makeup really fast!  As a result I didn’t get a lot of good pictures of everything.  For instance, I made these cute little bags of Jordan almonds…. oh I already mentioned that.

The shawl pins used for "corsages" for the mom and grandmothers.

The shawl pins used for “corsages” for the mom and grandmothers.

I also I made the mom-to-be and the grandmas special jewelry “corsages” that were really cute if I do say so myself.  They were shawl pins embellished with baby-themed charms, available at FoxiBelle’s on Etsy,  and a little picture frame that said “Mommy” or “Grandma”.  Sadly, I have absolutely no pictures of them to show you.  (I’m just glad I remembered them, and that they didn’t end up next to the damned almonds sitting in the guest  room!)

BUT… I did want to share with you a couple of great sources if you want to make the Jordan almond party favors for your next event.


Ivory Jordan almonds from

Of utmost importance are the Jordan almonds.  You want them to be really fresh, and, if you need them color-coordinated, available in solid colors. has those, and, get this–they are cheaper than the solid-color M&M’s that are often used for party favors.  Jordan almonds in solid colors are available for $7.99 a pound.  Solid-color M&M’s are $12.99 a pound!  The almonds are much more elegant and “special” than M&M’s, in my opinion.  And the ones from are super fresh.  Order extras so you can munch on them while you make up your little favor bags!

I did almonds in dark blue and ivory (they didn’t have a khaki colored Jordan almond).


Navy crimped curling ribbon from

For cellophane bags and curling ribbon, look no further than Papermart.  I’ve talked about them before.  You can’t beat their prices or quality.  The cellophane bags need to be small, otherwise you will spend a small fortune filling them up with candy!  Click here for the bags that I used, and I bought the smallest size available

The cellophane bags I used for Jordan almond party favors. Available at

The cellophane bags I used for Jordan almond party favors. Available at


For curling ribbon, you simply cannot beat Papermart.  Click here for their crimped solid color curling ribbon selection.  You get 500 yards for $1.60!   That is a steal!  And they come in tons of colors to match any decor or occasion.  They also have smooth curling ribbon,  and even patterned curling ribbon.   For my party, I used navy and ivory crimped curling ribbons.

Then, just put about 15 Jordan almonds in each cellophane bag (I mixed the blue and ivory almonds together and put some of both in each bag), tie them up with curling ribbon (again, I used both colors for a more festive look), and you’ve got a very elegant party favor for a baby shower, wedding, or other special event!

In my next post, I’ll talk about the baby shower decor.

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