I’m (Still) So Done

760443c74a5693c6d942994122e0a6d4I cancelled my Match.com subscription months ago.  I went over to PlentyofFish.com and gave it a shot.  I’ve now hidden my profile from view.

All I found on there were men who didn’t have a damned thing in common with me, or, men who thought it was their duty to tell me what was wrong with ME.  Like I fucking care what Cletus Numbnuts thinks of me????

When I saw Bobby’s profile up there, my heart just sank.  Not because he’s on there (although I didn’t exactly enjoy seeing his stupid banjo-picking low-budget ass), but because there he was, lying his ass off.  And I realized that probably everyone else is lying, too, and there’s no point in putting myself through that nonsense.

I’m just going to be alone when it comes to having a significant other.  I prefer my own company to that of someone I’m not a good match with.  Given some other things that happened this week in terms of family drama, I’m kind of in a slash-and-burn mood.  Might as well cut off all the things and people who aren’t bringing me joy.  That includes the parade of idiots from Plenty of Freaks.

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