I’m Just So Done

It’s been a high drama week.  I’ve been on Plenty of Fish (POF) for several months, hoping to find someone nice.  Nope.  I did find my ex-fiance.

The ex-almost-husband contacted me yet again! WHY he feels the need to keep crawling around like the miserable little cockroach he is just truly puzzles me.  But, I’m done playing around.

For the woman out there who has the good sense to do her research on him… let me fill you in!   I’m going to make sure you know what you’ve found.



This is Bobby Gene Chandler.  He’s being awfully creative with the truth in this profile.  His Facebook profile says he lives in Newport, but his POF profile (shown above) says he lives in Cedar Point.  Not sure which it is.

He is NOT a “Christian” to my knowledge.  He told me how much he hated religion.

He is not an aircraft planner and estimator.  As far as I know he used to be, but according to Facebook he is now or recently was a “machinist” at Flander’s Filters.

The big lie?  He does NOT have a bachelor’s degree.  He finished high school (as far as I know), but I’m not sure he’s ever set foot on a college campus.  I don’t understand why anyone would lie so much about something that is this verifiable.

My lawyer made it clear to him two years ago to leave me alone and never contact me again.  This is the second time he’s contacted me since then.  He sent me this little e-mail on www.pof.com acting like nothing bad ever happened.  Like we are friends or something?  Please!

And the funniest thing…. says he doesn’t want a “player.”  Yet he’s the one who cheated on me for over a year, when we were supposedly in a serious relationship.  Why I forgave him for that is beyond me.  Just sheer stupidity I guess.

Anyway, if you are dating this man, be careful to verify every fact and detail that you believe to be true.  Sadly I’m guessing you’ll find that there’s some creative story telling going on.

Epilogue:   At least one woman saw this blog post and contacted me.  Read about it here.  

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