“The List”: What I’m Looking For

downloadI thought I would share with you “The List” that I have posted on my online dating profile.  As I mentioned, it seems to appeal to at least a few men.   See what you think, and I’m always open to suggestions if you can think of any.

Thanks for looking at my profile! I remain optimistic that someone special for me is out there, but he’s going to be very hard to find. I am looking for someone who (reasons in parentheses).

*has a professional career and/or a successful business who is financially secure (I am a very self-sufficient, financially stable woman. We don’t have to make the same amount of money, but you do need to be able to take care of yourself and be able to interact with my professional career environment.)

*has a college degree OR equivalent military or professional experience (I have an advanced graduate degree. I have tried relationships with people who did not go to college. There is always too vast of a difference in backgrounds for it to work out well. If you haven’t finished college you must be exceptionally well-read and worldly due to military or other professional experience for us to be compatible).

*is single (I have no interest in being a married guy’s “traveling companion” or friend with benefits. If you’re separated please let me know the date your divorce is scheduled.)

*respects the fact that I do not participate in organized religion (you can do it…that’s fine. But I won’t. It’s just not my thing).

*does not smoke cigarettes at all (an occasional cigar or joint is fine with me, but cigarette smoke and smell really bother me)

*lives within a 1-2 hour drive (hard to date someone who lives much farther away than that)

*supports equal rights for LGBTQ (I have many friends who are LGBTQ. They are important to me, and I can’t date someone who disrespects them or makes fun of them).

*is turned on by an independent self-sufficient woman who makes her own living (it’s just who I am, and it’s a little late in life to change that. I’ve dated people who tried to change me. No bueno.)

*loves dogs or at least enjoys dog presence (I have two dogs that are family members to me. I adore them. I have also never met anyone who dislikes dogs that I really have much in common with).

I will be back later to tell you about the three meet and greets this weekend!


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