An Example of One That Didn’t Make the Cut

Last year I went out with Ray a few times.  He was nice enough, but extremely nerdy and had major temper issues.  He lost his cat temporarily one night and basically said he should end his life if the cat wasn’t found.  I decided then that he was not for me.

But, we remained friends.  On Facebook.  And here’s an exchange that happened yesterday.  This will demonstrate WHY he didn’t make the cut.  I deleted names and pictures to protect the identity of my friends, as well as Ray, whose identity I’d just as soon forget.







One thought on “An Example of One That Didn’t Make the Cut

  1. Good morning Miss Brenda

    First of all I’m voice texting and it does. Not like Southern very much so my diction and spelling or the proper use of a word is disavowed.

    it’s interesting to watch the left and the right defend ,rationalize ,attack, Etc their respective positions. I don’t think there’s any difference between Obama and George Bush except maybe Obama is smarter. For that matter I don’t think there’s any difference between Hillary bill the bushes and Obama because they’re all politicians and they do what they do .because they are what they are left and right.

    Both w and Obama did not accomplish anything except spending about 20 trillion dollars we didn’t have. Don’t think either one of them cared about solving the country’s problems just getting their way.

    I agree there’s a huge difference between a. Spray tan and and actual racial status. Rays position was the left would not be commenting on the weird color of the trunks if he was one of theirs. Which I believe is absolutely true. I also believe description of trump is an egotist self-absorbed person.

    The government is broken both sides have broken it equally. Both sides have no intention of correcting their mistakes or listening to an actual solution if it’s not of own making.

    Both sides created the trunk phenomena. Now we have to live with it. Don’t think we’re going to end up with a good leadership regardless of who wins the election.

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