The Happy Hour Bridal Shower Outcome: Success!

The Happy Hour Bridal Shower that I co-hosted for a friend at work has finally happened, and I wanted to share the results.

Everything went great!  There was plenty of food and drink, and all the ladies seemed to enjoy themselves.

Here’s a gallery of the results:

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As with all things, a few plans changed along the way…

  1. No balloons.  I decided with those big pom poms we had enough “aerial” decor.
  2. No penis cake.  Couldn’t find anyone to bake one!
  3. I changed up Paula Deen’s deviled egg recipe.  I used sour cream instead of mayonnaise because I didn’t have any mayo in the house and didn’t feel up to making any.  I also added a good blob of dijon mustard to it for a little twang.  I still wasn’t happy with how they turned out, they tasted bland to me, but they got rave reviews from the party goers, with people even asking if they could take home some of the extras.  Not an egg was left when the party was over!

Finally, the candy in the condom game was a big hit, everyone thought it was funny.  And, the bride guessed the correct number of candies in it!  FYI, a standard condom will hold about 65-80 cherry sours.  If you go past that it’ll break.  Trust me on this one.

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