Killin’ Time (Part 3)

Well, since dating hasn’t been something to spend time on, and since my promotion at work went through (Yay, me!), I have been relaxing in my ample spare time with some paintings and art.  Here is another piece that I did in my first ever mixed media art class.

2016-02-12 10.41.36

I have tried and tried to get this picture to rotate one turn to the left so you can see it as its meant to be seen. I cant seem to get it done!!!!

I decided to sign up for an art class at Emerge Gallery in Greenville, NC.  My teacher, Gail, was just amazing.  She let us work on individual projects that interested us.  Our first real exercise in painting was to find a painting or picture we liked and “copy” it.  I found something on the internet like this, and set out to make a painting of it.  Mine looks very little like the original, but I did have fun painting her!  It’s all acrylic paint, with real starfish in the corners for a 3-d accent.

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I’m signing up for the class again next week!  Looking forward to making more art with Gail!

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