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In a previous post about party planning, I mentioned the Webstaurant Store.  They sell all things for restaurants, from little ketchup packets to large scale kitchen equipment.  I first mentioned them because they sell great plastic and disposable catering supplies, if you’re going to host an event.  But, they have a lot more Capture3to offer and I’ve discovered it to be a treasure trove of stuff for the kitchen and for the craft room.

They also sell “smallwares,” which are basically kitchen tools, gadgets, and cookware. And, their price for nice commercial grade cookware is cheaper than buying Calphalon at Bed Bath and Beyond!   I have just ordered my first frying pan from them.  It was $35.  I’ll report back to you on how it does.

I also got a serrated bread knife that cuts through bars of soap (for making homemade laundry detergent) in short order.  The knife was a Capturewhopping $7 and it’s better than some high-end knives I’ve bought before.

They sell “disposables,” which are things like those little papers cups that restaurants serve tartar sauce and ketchup in.  Those are great for crafting purposes, and they are also great for use as little “prep bowls” in the kitchen when you are setting up to make a complicated recipe.  Put a pinch of this and a teaspoon of that in each little paper cup, then you’re ready to roll just like a professional chef!

They ship super fast.  Most orders I’ve placed in the morning ship by the afternoon.Capture1

They have a very cool program that pays you to review their products.  If you post a written review you get $2 in store credit.  If you post a photograph of the product you get $4 in store credit.  And, if you shoot a video review of the product, you get $10 in store credit.  If you do all three, yes, you get $16 in store credit. They process those credits usually within 24-48 hours, and then you have a nice little balance in your store account to place your next order.

Capture2I’ve just ordered my first food item from there.  They sell cashew pieces in five pound bags for about $30, and that’s much cheaper than the $11 a pound I was paying for “fancy” whole ones from www.nuts.com (which is a great place to buy nuts, but we eat those cashews like crazy and don’t require “fancy” ones just for household snacking).  Click here for my roasted rosemary cashew recipe, which is why we need five pounds of cashew pieces in the first place!

I’ll write a post later on all the craft supplies I’ve found there and what I use them for.

I highly recommend taking a look at Webstaurant Store before you shop for kitchen (or craft supplies again.  The only thing I need to warn you about is their shipping and handling charges, which on the surface seem pretty steep.  Those charges seem steep because we’ve all come to love our Amazon Prime free shipping, and, we expect web retailers to offer us free shipping on a daily basis.  Just keep in mind that this is still a commercial supplier, and they are primarily catering to businesses that expect to pay shipping and handling charges.  I find that their prices are low enough even after I factor in shipping and handling that I’m still getting a good deal.

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