The Holiday Party Report: Follow Up

2014-12-06 17.38.49For those of you who read about my holiday party plan, I just wanted to give you a quick update on what went right, and what went wrong.  First, you can see what the menu plan was by checking out my Pinterest board.   I planned it out carefully and this is pretty much what I stuck with.   I ended up only having about 10 guests so I didn’t make as much food as I had originally planned.

It was a 100% BYOB party so other than a few jello shots, I didn’t supply any cocktails.  There weren’t many jello shots left by the time the party happened (hey, they were good!) plus the crowd I had just wasn’t drinking much.  So, 5 or 6 jello shots worked out to be the perfect amount.

I have to say I overdid it on the cheese and crudite platter.  Either I put out way more food than I thought I did, or, people just weren’t eating much of that sort of thing.   But, it did look great and the cheeses I chose were delicious:  manchego, Ballyshannon, goat with za’atar spice, and blue.  I was surprised that the goat cheese wasn’t eaten more, so maybe I’m the only person who likes za’atar spice?2014-12-06 17.39.01

After this I had some homemade tortilla chips and seven layer dip.  That proved to be a huge hit.  I didn’t do the seven layer dips in individual cups like it shows on the Pinterest board because I had a big pan of it left over from a dinner party the night before.  The seven layer dip surprised me at how quickly it disappeared.  Kids even liked it, and you know how kids don’t like to have a bunch of different foods in something at the same time!

If I had it to do over again, I’d probably cut back on the cheeses to 2 selections, and, put out about 1/3 as many vegetables.

For sweets I simply did a 2014-12-06 17.39.13box of chocolate covered cookies from my local warehouse club.  Most of the adults there weren’t partaking of sweets too much so I didn’t feel bad about sticking with this easy option.

The hot appetizers were the hit of the party.  I made four:  crab and chive puffs, cranberry pinot noir meatballs, brie and cranberry cups, and stuffed dates.  Of those, the ONLY THING LEFT was a few of the brie and cranberry cups!  But seriously, every single meatball disappeared, every single crab puff, and every2014-12-06 17.39.23 single date.  And I made about 36 of those dates!  I would highly recommend any of those four recipes.

At the end of the night, Fox told me I was a really good cook.  And, he said everyone else commented about how good the food was.  That made me feel wonderful.  And it made up for all the exhaustion that set in after it was all over!

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